Markham's Community Innovation Hub

So you want to change the world, and you have just the idea on one thing you can do to affect that change. Want to run a restaurant to hire at-risk youth? Want to teach women to sew their own clothes to save money? Want to organize a  low cost home repair company for seniors, using high school students to help? Or is your idea more global- a way to feed the hungry in third world countries, or bring low cost dental care to those same places.

Your ideas make you a Social Entrepreneur. So, now you have a title…

What is your next step? How are you going to take your revolutionary idea to the community? Who can you call on to help you?  Can you make a living while you revolutionize the way we live, or while you help those who are marginalized?  
The Markham Community Innovation Hub is the spot!

Markham’s Community Innovation Hub is support place for social entrepreneurs.  They are supported through:
Business Coaching: One day a week a volunteer business coach will be present to support the social entrepreneurs.  You can bounce ideas off of them and keep your initiative moving.

Business Mentoring: Each social entrepreneur will be paired with a mentor for 6 months.  This will be based on whatever your gap is from strategy to fundraising to event planning to sales.

Workshops: Workshops catered to the needs of social initiatives will be available once a month with experts.

 Co-Working Space: Collaborative space, workshop space, and co-working space is available. Whatever your social idea needs to get off the ground in terms of space is available.  In addition to space, there is Internet and access to printing. 

 Networking: The Hub is here for you to connect with other like-minded individuals: with each other, the coaches, and potential volunteers and donors.  

 Showcasing: Your work is important and people need to know about it.  The Hub will showcase your initiative through their community as well as through the Markham Main Street’s Farmers Market and other BIA events.